Join David Yakobovitch, as he breaks down why a data-driven strategy is essential to the success of your business. What will we cover?

Analytics, AI, and the ‘Why?’

  • Data Science has come so far recently, but why?
  • Industry trends - a deeper dive into the direction of tech and data strategy

Demystifying Machine Learning

  • It is in the examples that we see the business value

Data Maturity and Data Governance

  • Putting data at the heart of your enterprise

Articulating data opportunities from business scenarios

  • Thinking scientifically is the basis for how to become data-driven

Instructor's Bio

David Yakobovitch, Data Science Team Lead at Galvanize

David Yakobovitch is the Host of the HumAIn Podcast (pronounced “humane”). He is a Principal Data Scientist at Galvanize, (acquired by K12 in January 2020), responsible for delivering Global Instruction, Scaled Training Programs, and Customer Success.

David previously served as Lead Data Scientist for Enterprise with General Assembly in 2017 and 2018, for the Fortune 500 portfolio.

David Yakobovitch explores AI for consumers through fireside conversations with industry thought leaders on The HumAIn Podcast. From Chief Data Scientists and AI Advisors to Leaders who advance AI for All, the HumAIn Podcast is the channel to release new AI products, to learn about industry trends, and to bridge the gap between Humans and Machines in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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    Winning with Data for Executives

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