AI is increasingly being applied to business-critical use cases, but the highest-performing algorithms are often blackboxes, leading to a lack of transparency. Businesses, consumers, and regulators are calling for more transparency and visibility into AI solutions. 

To enable businesses to build responsible AI that is transparent and accountable, Fiddler Labs is hosting a panel of Responsible AI experts to discuss the best ways to build responsible, accountable, and transparent AI. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Dissecting Responsible AI: what’s hype vs. reality and how to implement this accurately;
  • Designing for Responsible AI: where to start and how to integrate responsible elements into existing systems;
  • Cultural impact: how to navigate cultural changes when building responsible AI systems
  • Use cases and examples: learn from our panel of experts on how they approached the problem, solutions and tools they used, and what the future holds

Presented by Fiddler


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    Responsible AI: hype vs. reality and designing responsibly at every stage of AI

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