Personalized Medicine aims to revolutionize medical-care by prescribing more effective drugs using patient-specific information. An analogous concept can be used to make the process of diagnosis of diseases more effective, by utilizing demography, lifestyle, medical history, etc. giving a choice to select the medical tests. Although this study can predict esophageal cancer with near 100% certainty just by using the above information and a few medical tests but this research aims to devise a general methodology for customizing medical tests with user preference. 

Instructor's Bio

Dr Asis Roy, Member of Technology Excellence Group at TCS

Dr Asis Roy brings an Industry experience of ~25 years spanning across various domains, technologies and service lines. He has made important contributions to some of the TCS Product offerings and their subsequent Go to Market. His area of interest and active research lies in the Social Sustainability in Community health and personalized medicine specifically around the diagnosis of specific cancer scenarios, on which he has completed his doctoral work from IIT Kharagpur.


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    Personalized Medicine: A step to sustainable ecosystem

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