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    ODSC East 2020: The Art (and Importance) of Data Storytelling

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    • The Art (and Importance) of Data Storytelling


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Data is everywhere – which makes fluency in understanding, using, and communicating with, and about, data an essential skill.  Often, we focus on building impressive visualizations and models only to find our audience confused about what we need them to actually learn, or act on, from our data.  Data storytelling helps to bridge the gap between data practitioners (those diving deeply into data to make predictions and highlight trends) and data consumers (those who just want and need the trends and recommendations).  As data scientists, we have the ability and interest to dig into data to learn its stories.  Moving from a data scientist to a data storyteller allows us to share those stories with those who are not as immersed in the data.  Data storytelling helps push you from data interpreter to data influencer.
In this talk, you’ll learn more about the importance of developing a story for your data and some of the initial ways to build a cohesive narrative. We’ll use the science of human vision and processing to talk through some best practices for creating high leverage visualizations that strengthen data stories. We’ll also look at how we can make improvements and enhancements to visualizations to add power to our stories in order to get and sustain our audiences’ attention.
The most impressive data analysis is useless without the ability to clearly communicate essential takeaways and offer up persuasive recommendations.  Data scientists of any technical level will benefit from learning about how to better communicate with data. Taking a storytelling approach to sharing your data can help get your work noticed and recommendations heard.

Instructor Bio:

Diedre Downing

Diedre is a former Wall Street trader, college lecturer, and NYC Department of Education program leader. Prior to joining StoryIQ as a Lead Data Storytelling Trainer, she oversaw the operation, curation and data-driven strategy of NYC Department of Education’s online space for curricular and professional learning materials supporting over 76,000 professional educators. She is currently an Adjunct Lecturer at the City University of New York and holds a Master’s in Mathematics from Pace University.

Diedre Downing

Lead Data Storytelling Trainer | StoryIQ