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    ODSC Career Lab - On Demand Recordings

    • Data Scientist, or the Most Dangerous Job of the 21st Century - Hugo Bowne-Anderson, PhD

    • How to Be a Data Science Consultant - Ashley Odom

    • Picking The Right Program: Formats, Credentials, and MOOCs, Oh my! - Aleksandar Tomic, PhD

    • Building a Better Data Science Resume in a Coronavirus Job Market - Sheamus McGovern

    • How to build business impact and value as a data scientist - Wendy Chih-wen Kan

    • Ok...now what do I do?(How to navigate the Data Science field as a new employee) - Patrick Prothro

    • How to Lead Data Science Teams: The 3 D's of Data Science Leadership - Juan Manuel Contreras, PhD

    • New Job, New Domain, Now What? -David Meza