This Talk will cover discussion on theoretical aspects as well as hands-on-session on how to deploy any Machine Learning Model onto the cloud infrastructure for end-users to use it Theoretical concepts as well as Hands-On session on how to deploy a machine learning problem onto Cloud Infrastructure.

Main learning points for the attendees:

1. Using Flask, a micro web development framework to host web applications onto the cloud infrastructure

2. Hosting Machine Learning Model on Heroku Cloud using Free Account (incur no cost on hosting or usage)

Pre-read/ Prerequisite: Good to have basic knowledge of Python (Pandas), Machine Learning (scikit-learn), Flask, HTML and Cloud Infrastructure.

1. Pandas 

2. Scikit-Learn

3. Flask

4. Heroku Cloud

Local ODSC chapter in Delhi, India

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Instructor's Bio

Manish Kumar, Director at ThoughtFocus

Speaker has a total of 15+ years of professional experience, started his career as a Tech Support professional later moved to Quality Assurance function. At present working in the Data Science space as a Manager, Data Visualization, primarily using Tableau. He developed a deep-rooted interest in the Machine Learning field around 2.5 years back; since then has been working towards up-skilling himself via trainings/reading/hackathons.