Machine Learning

The talk aims to introduce the attendees to the application of computer vision techniques to overhead imagery such as satellite, aerial and drone imagery. The emphasis is on object detection on satellite images as we share our learnings from dealing with those datasets (such as the xView Object Detection Challenge). The attendees will learn about challenges common in such datasets, such as scale variance and images with more than three channels, as well as approaches to address them and the results of our experiments. The session will also introduce datasets available in the growing field of CV on remote sensing data, as well as various use cases in disaster relief, refugee tracking, animal population counting, geospatial intelligence for business decisions and defense. The attendees will walk away with a good grasp of what is possible when machine learning at scale is applied to geospatial data.

Course curriculum

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    Looking from Above: Object Detection and Other Computer Vision Tasks on Satellite Imagery

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Instructor Bio:

Xiaoyong Zhu is a Senior Data Scientist working in the Microsoft Cloud AI Platform group. His current focus is on building scalable deep learning algorithms and infrastructure

Xiaoyong Zhu

Senior Data Scientist | Microsoft