Learn how the combination of Google Cloud's Looker and BigQuery can be used in conjunction to enhance the workflow of data scientists. Combine Looker's quick data modeling and integrations with BigQuery's ML models and computing power to do end-to-end data science projects. From raw data, to integrated insights: this combination simplifies workflows, allows for encapsulation and reuse, and finally brings machine learning into business decision making.

Instructor's Bio

Marcell Babai, Sales Engineer, Strategic Accounts at Looker

Marcell Babai has been with Looker for over 5 years, currently working as a pre-sales engineer for strategic accounts. Before Looker, he worked as a machine learning consultant at IBM's Global Business Services. Prior to that, Marcell studied economics and statistics at Tufts University. 1 Fun Fact: I used to perform magic professionally and even taught a for-credit class on performance magic in college.


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    Looker & BigQuery - Accelerating Data science Workflows

    • Looker & BigQuery - Accelerating Data Science Workflows