Operations Research (OR) is an analytical method of problem-solving and decision making that is useful in the management of a better life. There is a famous saying of Confucius “The person who chases two rabbits catches neither.” Operations Research helps in making the correct and concrete choice. The recent Pandemic COVID – 19 stages vary countrywide. Data Science, for example, Predictive Analytics shows us the near future of it. China’s outbreak has come to a halt and South Korea has flattened its curve. What factor is playing role to flatten the curve? Operations Research Tools help to locate the key factors and the key issues in handling COVID – 19 outbreak and its management. The following questions are outlined in the talk:

  • Where to locate the key hospitals?
  • How to build a lockdown model
  • How to build a Quarantine model?

The whole approach are Mathematical Models. The talk is about to discuss how to build the Mathematical Models of the above key questions and how to decide the solution of the models. A framework for developing Operations Research system for action and research is provided.

Instructor's Bio

Dr. Anusuya Ghosh

 Senior Operations Research Specialist, Thoucentric 

Dr. Anusuya Ghosh is a senior Operations Research specialist at the Thoucentric Technology Private Limited where she is majoring in Mathematical Modelling with a concentration in Optimization. Her

interest in Optimization began during the fall semester of 2008 when she had the opportunity to study Linear Programming Models and Non-linear Programming Models in IITKharagpur. She won the Best Project Award 2009. During her PhD in IITBombay, she learned about the theories of the Optimization Techniques, experienced the implementation of the algorithms, and became proficient in Mathematical Programming.

Her primary research area is the conversion of real-world business requirements to mathematical formulaes, including Semidefinite Programming, Polyhedral Theory, Spetrahedra, Integer and Mixed

Integer Programming. She was the invited speaker at various departments in IISc Bangalore, IITMadras and CMI.

She is always looking for motivated professionals, especially quantitative and creative ones who are not afraid to experience Optimization.

Local ODSC chapter in Bengaluru, India

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    Handling COVID – 19 Scenarios by Operations Research Tools

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