Applied AI Virtual Event is hosted by ODSC, and sponsored by DataRobot, Appen, IBM Developer, and Red Hat. ODSC Applied AI is a one-day, free, virtual event featuring 90 minute hands-on workshops and tutorials that will help you strengthen existing–or build new–skills using real-world data.


  • Software Engineers

    Learn how to utilize machine learning, deep learning, and AutoML in you work

  • MLOps & DevOps Track

    Learn how to manage, maintain, and scale AI models in production

  • Data Scientist Track

    Learn machine learning languages, frameworks, and tools from the experts

  • Data Analyst Track

    Learn how to successfully incorporate AI into your business and gain new insights

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Opening Panel

    • Applied AI: Stories From the Front Lines - Ben Taylor, Sarah Nooravi, Angela Baltes, Jen Underwood, Dave Langer, Favio Vazquez

  • 02

    Software Engineering Track

    • AI Crash Course: Adding ML to Your Software Projects in an Hour - Zan Markan and Peter Klipfel

    • Explore UK Crime Data with Pandas and Geopandas - Yamini Rao

    • Architecting Advanced Software Applications with AI - Zan Markan and Peter Klipfel

    • Modernize Your Batch Scoring Approaches With DataRobot and Snowflake - Mike Taveirne, Josh Klaben-Finegold, Riaan Tischendorf

  • 03

    MLOps & DevOps Track

    • Introduction to MLOps: The Concepts and Strategies that Get Models Reliably into Production - Seph Mard

    • Kubernetes: Simplifying Machine Learning Workflows - Sophie Watson, Michael Clifford, William Benton

    • Getting up to Speed With Dask - Aaron Richter, PhD

    • Advanced MLOps: Instrumenting CI/CD Workflows in DataRobot MLOps - David Gonzalez, Felix Huthmacher

    • How Custom Workflows, Real Time Functionality and Predictive AI Decrease Time-to-value and Increase ROI in Data Enrichment - Hrishikesh Hippalgaonkar

  • 04

    Data Science Track

    • Deep Learning in 10 Minutes or Less With AutoML - Ben Taylor, Emily Webber, Rajiv Shah

    • Turn Your AI Models Into Gold With These 5 Principles - Keenan Moukarzel

    • Integrating Prior Knowledge With Learning in Natural Language Processing - Jingqing Zhang, PhD

    • How to Stop Worrying and Tackle AI Bias - Haniyeh Mahmoudian, PhD, Jett Oristaglio

    • Predicting COVID-19: Applying AI for Diagnosis Tool - Angel Aponte

  • 05

    Business Analytics Track

    • The Art of Storytelling for AI and Machine Learning - Jen Underwood

    • Everything You Need to Know About Protecting AI Algorithms With IP - Ben Taylor, Beau Walker

    • Building Ethics and Diversity in AI - Meeta Dash, Monchu Chen

    • Just You and AI: How a Business Leader Learned AI - Edward M. Young

    • The Practitioner’s Data Prep Workshop - Sean Smith and Shyam Ayyar

    • Transcription for Business: Finding the Signal in the Noise - Keenan Freyberg