Harvard Business Review describes a Data Scientist to be the “sexiest job of the 21st century”, and with a good reason. In this ever moving world of Big Data and Analytics, every business needs Data Scientists who can apply analytics to make sense and create value from the data they have. It allows organizations to gain insights and make better and faster decisions. So, what really does a day-to-day look like for a Data Scientist? 

In this webinar, I will share my personal experience of my journey as a Data Scientist, the job beyond the algorithms, and 3 key takeaways that will be applicable for anyone wanting to pursue a career in Data Science.

Instructor's Bio

Haidar Altaie 

Data Scientist at SAS

Haidar is a Data Scientist at SAS UKI. He joined SAS after graduating from University with a Mathematics and Statistics degree. Haidar has a passion to enable customers to understand the potential of Analytics, using AI/ML techniques across growing industries and to solve complex real-life issues.

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    3 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Data Scientist

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